Norrath People's Journal (Everquest)

Karana, Summer 3172


Hullo, Norrath! Tonlom of Rivervale here, thirteenth rank Cleric of Mischief. I am one of a few young adventurers from all about, chosen to contribute to a new Norrath-wide journal. This circular aims to provide varied and interesting points of view about our world. Being the most senior adventurer among the lot chosen, my article was chosen to run forefront, at least for this issue. It has been hinted to me that the main article responsibility may be rotated, so don't be surprised if you see one of my fellow authors' words in this place next time 'round.

Being as that it is my responsibility to do so, I will introduce myself and the other authors briefly. As I wrote just above, I am Tonlom, Cleric of Mischief. I hail from Rivervale, the source of many good brews and breads. My hobbies include fishing and swimming, unlike most Hobbits. If this journal reaches you quickly enough, I may still be adventuring in the Desert of Ro region. If you see me around sometime, feel free to visit me; I will always have drink to share.

I was not provided with much information about my peers, but I will tell you what I do know. Kiuyoln, at the moment still a very young Druid, resides in Kelethin, land of Tunare. He is apparently reluctant to begin his journey, so to him, I say: Lad, if you cannot make your way onto the road of adventure, seek a friend and a good source of drink. Stumbling feet have a way of finding themselves into places they may be afraid to otherwise.

Another writer in this project is Atorinae, another Wood Elf. He is very outgoing and adventurous, as well as a mighty fine drummer, so if you hear a familiar Bardic drum beat written by Selo off in the distance, it just might be him.

The last selected author is Xylir, a dark fellow from the shadowed city of Paineel. He keeps much to himself, and though he shares the fear-based ideals of his fellow dark Erudites, he always takes responsibility for his actions.

I would advise you readers to keep your eyes on the length of this journal, as it may grow with the desire of our employer to provide many views from common adventurers of all sorts. So, until next issue, readers, keep your feet on the road, your eyes on the horizon, and ale in your stomachs!

Hail, Norrath! Let the spirit of music wash over you as you read this article. I am Atorinae, Wood Elf Bard of five songs. I was hired to write for this journal which you are reading now as the wanderer, the free spirit who roams Norrath in search of beauty in any form. You'll have to excuse me, as my adventures haven't even led me beyond the Faydark for long, though I have used the portal books to pop my head into a few places. I fully intend to start out on the road, though, and see Norrath in its full glory. Travelling by reading some magical words from a book doesn't hold the same fascination for me.

As I said, I haven't traveled much yet, but I can tell you of the fair cities of Kelethin, my home, and Qeynos, my love. Which is not to say that I don't love Kelethin, city of Tunare's Gift, just that Qeynos holds a certain spirit Kelethin can't match. Also, you can never see the sky in Kelethin, and without the sun, what is a day? Perhaps my favorite thing to do in Qeynos is fish off the southern docks, watching the sun set softly into the ocean; and as day becomes night, I listen to the faint sounds of wildlife audible from beyond the city walls.

Inside the city walls, besides sunset at the docks, there are many things to do. There is a small selection of fine taverns, of which my favorite is the Lion's Mane (but Dwarves are not very welcome, so watch yourselves around this one). Few things go together as well as good drink and good song, so after finding your choice beverage, you might make your way to the Wind Spirit's Song, the local Bard hall. Finish the evening off with a stroll around town, where many a fine deal can be found among the merchants. But be wary of stone-lined pools, as these lead to Qeynos' underworld, a seedy (and smelly!) tunnel system home to Dark Arts practitioners and lost winos.

Should you make a trip to see fair Qeynos, be sure to pop in to the Wind Spirit's Song, where you just might find me on stage, plying my trade. And if you want fishing tips, be sure to bring along some drinks.

Hello, Norrath. This is Kiuyoln, an inexperienced Druid of Tunare. Others might tell you that I am afraid to leave what has been my home for all of my life, but that isn't really why I've never even set foot off the platforms of Kelethin. The real reason is that I've just never found a good reason to get going... until now.

Recently I overheard rumors that the Orcs that plague the Faydark are planning to cut the support trees of our city, which would devastate my race. This knowledge has inspired me to finish my preparations to join the fight against these hated foes, but I'm not quite done yet. I still need to finish up my initial research on my first spells which, along with my wooden club, will aid me in fighting those blue monsters.

I am getting ahead of myself. I should focus less on adventuring, and more on the preparations. It would not do to get myself killed before I even make a small difference. One must always be prepared...

Another piece of information I have overheard lately is that we Soldiers of Tunare, and all Druids, can wield scimitars. This only confuses me, as I thought the purpose of not wielding bladed weapons was to prevent injury to nature. I wonder what is so special about the scimitar.

My quill wanders with my thoughts. I have already filled most of the space I have without really saying anything. Perhaps the other Druids are right. Maybe I am afraid to leave safety, just stalling for time. Well, I will be done preparing soon enough. Once I finish my preparations, I will send another article to the publisher. Then you readers will know of my accomplishments in ridding the land of the Orcs. Then maybe the others will stop talking about me.

Inhabitants of Norrath, I write this to you not of voluntary action, but by direct order from Overlord Virate Manaar himself. For those of you unfamiliar with my home city of Paineel, Overlord Manaar is the highest authority within our realm.

The column you are reading will be the first of a series in this new Norrath-wide collection. Hopefully it will not last long, as I loathe the thought of having my words read by infidels following the goodly gods. My contributions are the result of Overlord Manaar's wish to participate in this endeavor to unite Norrath by something outside of worship or diplomacy. Perhaps I would question his motives further if I did not fear my removal from this project by means I dare not imagine...

Before I allow myself to continue, I should introduce myself. The last thing I want is for the dark Erudites as a whole to suffer from the venomous words of a single man. I am Xylir, third rank Shadowknight of the Fell Blade. Should anyone find fault with my message, any action should be dealt only to me directly; no one else is responsible for what I have to say.

Remaining space in this volume's article is short, so my remaining words will be few. Those who would seek out Paineel to learn from its vast library should beware; the denizens of this city are friend to none who have not proved themselves by birth and practice or the spilled blood of Paineel's foes. Few deserve to experience death at the hands of a dark Erudite. Those that do already know to keep their distance.

While I realize that my perspective is evil to most of you, it should be kept in mind that my inclusion in this project was designed to provide one of many possible views of Norrath. Thus in the interest of balance, I will write my own thoughts purely, and not change them to suit those of good. May Fear Rule All!

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