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Sega Cyclone: What I hope it is and what it likely is.

Recently it was discovered that Sega of Japan had a trademark or two registered, one of which is named for a Cyclone development kit. Naturally whenever you see Sega trademark hardware you may start to get a bit excited. Is Sega coming back into the hardware game? Is this going to be the Dreamcast 2? What could it possibly be? It's easy to hope for and want new Sega home gaming hardware. But that hasn't happened since 2001 when the Dreamcast was canceled. So what could it be if it's not new hardware you can enjoy at home? Sega may have stopped their home console adventures a while back but they never stopped producing arcade hardware. Sega still is in fact a major player in the arcade world, and seem to be wanting to get that going worldwide again soon. Hopefully we see more of that. But in the meantime we have the Cyclone. I'm going to talk here briefly about what I hope it is and what I believe it'll end up being.

What I hope it is: I hope it's new home hardware, from home consoles on down. I'm not sure Sega has the financial footing to be a rival to Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo right now in that way, home console wise that is. But a tablet? Sure, why not. How about one of those smaller game consoles you can get a your local Wal-Mart that plays games and is fun but is relatively cheap and easy to come by? Sega could do something like that I believe. If it's a fun device and offers cool and unique games then I see no reason why something like this couldn't work. I mentioned a tablet and I'd also say I'd love for this to be some type of smartphone but that's something I think is much more doubtful. My only real other hope would be a headset for your smartphone that gives you a great VR experience. VR is really starting to take off and it would be cool to see Sega be a part of the movement. Most of these things are highly unlikely to happen, I can't deny that, but that's what I'd like to see. Sega having great hardware out again and you being able to play it alongside any of your other major consoles is a big deal, at least to me. I'd love any of those things to become fact. Sega has released one game console in Japan since the Dreamcast died, that being the Sega Toylet, a urinal game console. They're in major stores and malls over there but you can also get one in your home. That's the closest thing to new home hardware from the company since then. And it is an actual console, though only men can play it so it's a bit odd in that way. So I suppose anything is possible. But I'll now tell you why that won't happen.

What it will likely be: arcade hardware. Sega won't make a new console (or tablet, VR device, etc) for release worldwide because they haven't released something like that in over a decade. That's a long break, unless you include the Toylet, and even then that's not available worldwide in a major way, so you don't get the same vibe a home console would put off. Sega never stopped with their arcade business however and I don't see that changing anytime soon. So a good rule of thumb is when you see Sega and new trademarks for hardware kits it's safe to assume it's for the arcade world. They have made more arcade games than any other company on the planet, Sega is number one in this world, so that likely won't change for a while. Sega does a great job for that industry and I'm happy to see that from them, but I have to admit, I'd much rather see a new in house device be released. Time will tell if that's something we'll see more of down the line but for now those are my thoughts: that this Cyclone will be, in some from, new gaming arcade hardware. If I got the chance to play such hardware I'd be thrilled but as it stands any new hardware like this (again, assuming it is for sure for arcades) won't be available anywhere near where I live, and that's a major bummer. I think in a lot of ways arcade games offer more immersion than normal home consoles do so I'd not be let down if I got the chance to play more and more of Sega's arcade outings. Regardless of what this becomes one thing is certain: It's good to see Sega is still in the game, no matter what form it takes.

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